Klongtom Heritage – Get ready to invest in the salt hot spring paradise known to become the best health and wellness destination in the world

Excellent recommendations for investing in the health and wellness industry, embracing the newest trend in the COVID-19 era

As you get older, the deterioration of the body is inevitable, and taking good care of yourself to prevent diseases and illnesses has become very important, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. As people from all over the world are searching for the best and most effective ways to protect themselves from all types of diseases and ailments, it has become a new healthcare trend currently redefining the health and wellness industry that will continue to expand in the future. The value of the healthcare, wellness, and beauty industries altogether has been expected to reach up to USD7 trillion or Bt230 trillion by 2025. This is the result of the 2020 global health market figures, unveiling a massive value of USD4.4 trillion (USD4.9 in 2019) or Bt145 trillion categorized into the health tourism industry and the spa industry valued at USD436 billion (Bt14 trillion) and USD6.8 billion (Bt2.2 trillion), respectively.

Klongtom Heritage – Get ready to invest in the salt hot spring paradise known to become the best health and wellness destination in the world

Mr. Wichai Poolworaluk, Chairman of the Board of Woraluk Property Public Company Limited., a leading real estate company in Thailand and a major developer of the Klongtom community in Thailand’s Krabi province, unveiled the use of the salt hot spring in the area that was originally a rural way of life. With the help of the government in promoting the belief that the salt hot spring can help prevent and treat diseases, a large number of people traveled to the area to make use of the services provided by the salt hot spring. As a result, concerns about the potential transmission of infections arose. As a real estate leader, we want to be the one to transform those concerns into happiness, backed by our standardized and trusted management. This is the origin of the development of the Klongtom Heritage project. Situated on a vast area of over 80 acres, the project has been expected to make Krabi province become a health hub, where the Klongtom Salt Hot Spring is considered a special gift, treasure, and heritage that belongs not only to the Thai citizens but people all over the world. Therefore, effective operations and management, proper hygiene conditions, and several other related guidelines required for the project must be in line with the global standards. During the first three years, we plan to achieve project planning and tourism zoning, which may vary in the patient zone, dependence zone, non-dependence zone, retirement zone, and pre-retirement zone. We are welcoming potential business investors with expertise in healthcare. We believe they have a strategic vision to help us fulfill the missing pieces of our business jigsaw, making Krabi province become a new health hub with several fun-filled activities to highly satisfy health lovers from all over the world. In mid-2022, we will announce the establishment of a physical therapy hospital providing a comprehensive range of medical treatment and rehabilitation services for stroke patients. In addition to the advanced technology and cutting-edge equipment, our teams of professional doctors, nurses, therapists, and psychologists are ready to provide patients with the most excellent medical and health services, supported by the combined knowledge of traditional Thai and Chinese medicines and the outstanding properties of Klongtom Salt Hot Spring, considered the first and most important piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the Klongtom Heritage project.

The miracle of Klongtom Salt Hot Spring – Obtain excellent healing benefits from the one-and-only underground treasure in the world

Dr. Jirot Sindhvananda, a former senior expert at the Office of Permanent Secretary, the Ministry of Public Health, has provided interesting information after having conducted research studies on hot springs in Thailand. Although there are several sources of hot springs which are capable of alleviating numerous ailments, the only one containing salt is located in the Klongtom district of Krabi province. Klongtom Salt Hot Spring is also considered one of the world’s five best hot springs with mineral saltwater, following those previously found in Taiwan, Japan, Italy, and Malaysia. The minerals and temperature of the salt hot spring in the Klongtom district also have excellent features, which are caused by seawater seeping into the basement through a double layer of filtered rock, which allows the water to lack a typical salty, seawater taste, but rather produces mild brine without any strong sulfur-like smell and taste. Essential minerals come mainly from sodium chloride, silica, potassium, and magnesium carbonate found in greater concentrations compared to the general standards. The minerals possess excellent properties in stimulating blood circulation in the body, maintaining healthy blood pressure, and reducing inflammation in diabetic joints. They can also stimulate the nervous and digestive systems as well as treat skin-related diseases. At present, experts in alternative medicine have begun to use the salt hot spring to complement modern medicine, with physiotherapists, regenerative medicine doctors, and health specialists making serious efforts to evolve the best and most appropriate health treatment and rehabilitation programs for patients with numerous diseases.

Objectives in developing the Klongtom Heritage project

The Klongtom Heritage project has been initiated to appreciate the abundance of natural resources and make the best use of the one-and-only natural underground treasure of Krabi’s Klongtom district, which has been with its villagers for several decades. This massive real estate development project focuses mainly on the preservation of the abundance of natural resources and the fertility of the surrounding environment, particularly in bringing the forests back to life. They are mangrove forests, peat swamp forests, and primary forests stretching on a vast area of more than 70,000 square meters of natural greenery in the southern mountains. Above all, the Klongtom Heritage project is believed to bring mutual benefits to nature and all the people living in the vicinity of the forests.

Making smarter investments for better profits with Klongtom Heritage

Investors are invited to utilize the outstanding properties of Klongtom Salt Hot Spring to promote their businesses related to different types of treatment and health-oriented establishments, such as comprehensive health and therapy center, hotel, condominium, and spa center. Meanwhile, every investment area is conveniently accessible to the salt hot spring. If you want to invest in a health-related business, Klongtom Heritage is offering you a lucrative opportunity to make your investment come true and more profitable. Therefore, get yourself ready for this ‘unmissable’ investment opportunity.