Klongtom Heritage – The Paradise of Salt Hot Spring

Klongtom Heritage is a new ecotourism landmark offering a comprehensive range of health and wellness services. Located in the Klongtom district of Krabi province, the place has become a paradise of health healing and rejuvenation ever found in Asia, which has promoted the use of traditional Thai medicine in line with today’s modern medicine. This project aims to provide the best and most unique health treatment and rehabilitation services as having perfect health and being disease-free is a precious gift that everyone desires.

Klongtom Salt Hot Spring – The inimitable underground wonder

Klongtom Salt Hot Spring, situated in the heart of Krabi’s Klongtom district, is among the two salt hot springs in the world and the only one in Asia. The salt hot spring was originally located in the midst of the mangrove forests, where local villagers came to bathe to recover from illnesses. The naturally heated water of the salt hot spring arose from the underground layers of rock and soil rich in hundreds of essential minerals. The water had become more beneficial when mixed with the salinity obtained from deep seawater, which eventually created a marvelous natural phenomenon of health healing and rejuvenation.
Klongtom Salt Hot Spring has been with local villagers for several decades. More than just a moment of rest and relaxation, the miraculous salt hot spring provides several healing benefits for various types of ailments, while restoring balance to the body and helping strengthen the immune system to reduce the risk of long-term diseases. This also includes tourists who visit the salt hot spring to use the services provided by Klongtom Heritage. Klongtom district has reinvented itself as a tourist attraction and can draw many Thai and foreign visitors who want to be exposed to the wonder of the salt hot spring stretching in more than 7,000 square meters of natural greenery.

Discover excellent health at Klongtom Salt Hot Spring

Klongtom Salt Hot Spring offers more than a moment of rest and relaxation, you can take better care of your health in a more beneficial yet natural way. Renowned for being the world’s one-and-only salt hot spring that fully-features essential minerals of numerous healing properties, Klongtom Salt Hot Spring is highly efficient in reducing muscle and joint pain and inflammation, stimulating the nervous system and blood circulation, maintaining healthy blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance to the body and mind. Also, the miraculous salt hot spring is believed to provide excellent treatments for certain diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and rashes, which can be alleviated by using natural therapy.
The temperatures of Klongtom Salt Hot Spring range between 40-47 degrees Celsius and the salinity level is measured at 10 ppm. According to a research study conducted by Prince of Songkla University, one of the most excellent benefits provided by Klongtom Salt Hot Springs is it can help treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis efficiently.