Klongtom Salt Hot Spring is considered a natural underground treasure found in the Klongtom district of Krabi province. The miraculous salt hot spring has existed alongside people in the community for several decades and is regarded as the most precious jewel of the province. Klongtom Heritage has therefore been established with its strong intention to preserve soil fertility through harmonious environmental management alongside the community, while also remaining firm to apply the profound benefits of the salt hot spring to today’s modern medicine for treatments and rehabilitation for those with potential health issues.

Indulge yourself in the city of salt hot spring

Klongtom is one of the famous districts of Krabi province in Thailand. Blessed with beautiful scenery of nature, especially in terms of marine ecosystems and mangrove forests, Klongtom has become one of the few well-known places on earth that possess a salt hot spring, following Saline Valley Hot Springs situated in Death Valley National Park of the USA.

The best of natural healing of the Andaman Sea

Klongtom district is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, ranging from marine ecosystems to mangrove forests, and is also home to the one-and-only salt hot spring that possesses unique healing benefits from natural minerals unlike any other places in the world.
Klongtom Salt Hot Spring is formed by a combination of natural thermal water and seawater that flow through cracks in rocks and their sediments before emerging to the surface. The salt hot spring possesses natural properties similar to seawater, but is neutral in pH and not considered acidic or alkaline. It is rich in the salt of 9g, while calcium and magnesium are estimated at 104mg and 29mg per liter of water, respectively. Various essential minerals, such as sodium, sulfur, potassium bicarbonate, and silicon dioxide, can also be found in the water of the salt hot spring itself. With the most appropriate temperatures ranging from 40-47 °C, the salt hot spring is not only excellent for relaxing soaks, but it can also help relieve muscle and joint pain and facilitate the functions of the circulatory system. Furthermore, the salt hot spring is believed to help treat certain long-term diseases, for example, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and many others.

Natural greenery (environment and ecosystem)

The natural areas surrounding Klongtom Heritage can be referred to as two types of terrains: terrestrial forests and peat swamp forests. We have therefore decided to highlight our terrestrial zone with the terrestrial forests, while using the peat swamp forests to match up with our swamp zone. This helps us create an ideal ecosystem aiming for the restoration of green areas covered with a variety of local plants ranging from perennials and shrubs to climbers and groundcovers serving as habitats for local animals to dwell in and seek out food to survive. All living things can obtain benefits from the ecosystem we have created, as part of the goal to foster a greater sense of well-being for both humans and animals to live happily together in nature.
Situated in the midst of nature and tranquility, Klongtom Heritage aims to promote Krabi province as a city of excellent health and wellbeing standards, backed by an extensive range of nature-inspired facilities and amenities in line with our commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and improved quality of life.